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Since 1984, our mission has been to provide the opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities to grow to the best of their ability through the arts and community integration. Our programs promote creativity, independence and dignity.

Each day, up to 50 artists ranging in age from 21 to 75 attend the studio and create weavings, ceramics, paintings, drawings, woodwork and computer arts. Many of our artists have had their works exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including European galleries.

We also serve the whole person by incorporating the creative arts, paid work, education, training and independent living in a total synthesis. We believe there is no limit to the level of expressive accomplishment any person can achieve. The art created here is uninhibited, authentic and inspiring.

Our artists attend our program for the opportunity to lead full and rewarding lives - making friends, exploring their abilities, and gaining a sense of accomplishment. They receive the majority of the proceeds from the sale of their art in our gallery. The sense of achievement and self-esteem that comes with being recognized and earning income as a working artist carries over into all other aspects of daily life.

Alta California Regional Center, United Way, grants and a growing family of donors, purchasers and sponsors support our program. Your support is also needed. Visit us in the heart of Nevada County, just 45 minutes northeast of Sacramento in the historic Gold Country of the Sierra Foothills.

Artistic development - The center provides opportunities for individual growth. As the artist with disabilities works, he or she changes and progresses. Each stage has its own characteristics and excitement. There is no limit to what level of expressive accomplishment a person can acheive.

Creation of work of high artistic merit - Each person no matter how limited intellectually, emotionally or physically, is capable of artistic achievement at some level.

Integration of the personality through creative arts - The act of creating serves as a catalyst in mobilizing strengths in the person to form a total production personality. Artists with disabilities learn to focus on their creative work.

Enhancement of self-esteem - Through their ability to express themselves, artists with disabilities develop a positive self-image. Recognition of their artistic efforts by others who see their work displayed in the gallery and other venues gives them feelings of worth that carry over into other aspects of daily life.

Strengthening of ability to make decisions for oneself - Making decisions about creating a work of art is encouraged and respected. The artistic choices as to subject matter, design, and techniques.



gallery  /   about NCA  /   program   /   portfolios   /   events  /   support  /   contact

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